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Asalem to khalkhal road
Asalem to khalkhal road

Asalem to Khalkhal road is an eye-catching and dreamy road that starts from Gilan province to Ardabil province.

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Asalem to Khalkhal road is a road about 60 kilometers from the city of Asalem in Gilan province and ends in Khalkhal city in the south Ardabil province. Parts of this road are covered by forests and trees and also, there are some rivers along this road. Due to its proximity to the Caspian Sea, this road is always full of moisture and fog, giving it an eye-catching appearance. Because it is located in the north of Iran and the provinces of Gilan and Ardebil, this road has been raining in most seasons of the year. Due to its high altitude, the road is cold for most of the year, even in summer. Along the way, there are villages and tribal areas. You can visit these villages to relax and eat local food.


Asalem to khalkhal road


You can drive this beautiful road in about a three-hour by car. But I suggest that you take a walk along this incredible path in a group. If you want to hike in the forests along this route, be sure to go with one group to these forests and use a native guide. Because these forests require experience and you may be lost if you do not know. You can camp in the middle of this road and set up a tent. If you want to spend the night in these marvelous forests, be sure to set the fire because there are wild animals in these forests such as bears and leopards. If you want to take this path in groups and trekking, it may take about two to three days (depending on people's ability). We suggest you do some exercise walking before going on this Path with a group that you can more enjoy from this way and get less tired. Lastly, I would suggest if you could, trekking these forests.  Because the forests of this area have beauties that are not visible in the car and you will miss many of the magnificent scenery.


Asalem to khalkhal road


In all seasons this region has its beauty. But if you want to enjoy the beauty of the full flowers’ plains and the young nature of the region's forests, you might visit this area in the spring. But if you want to escape the hot summer weather, it is advisable to travel to Khalkhal to the Asalem road from July to September. If you enjoy the seven-color scene of autumn, it is best to travel to this area from October to early December. But we suggest you that don't travel to this road in winter because the road becomes so slippery and there is a lot of snowfall.




If you plan to travel this road from Tehran, it is better to start on the Rasht-Qazvin road. Then continue on Fuman-Saravan road and finally on Rasht-Astara road and continue on your way to reach Asalem. This route takes about six hours.

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