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Iran Medical treatment
Iran Medical treatment

Medical tourism is one of the tourism industry branches that people travel to another country for medical treatments due to the quality and fine price of that country.

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Iran is recently becoming one of the popular destinations for medical services and nowadays Iran holds the 10th rank in the world for medical tourism. These days several people traveling to Iran yearly for having high-quality treatment services at the best price.
HiPersia team provides all the services for people from all around the world that wish to have medical treatments In Iran.


Popular medical treatment in Iran

The good medical doctors and hospital in Iran beside financial benefits is the goal for people from all around the world to come over to Iran for medical care. Here are the popular medical treatments in Iran:


Other medical treatment in Iran

Besides the above list, there are other medical treatment and care that brings foreign people to use this treatment. Here are some of the most interesting medical services in Iran


Hipersia Medical treatments services.

After you choose your desired medical treatment, you can easily contact our experts for managing all you need for your medical treatment in Iran, Hipersia provides:

  1. Iran medical visa.
  2. Introduce your best doctor for your treatment.
  3. Introduce your best hospital and IPD letter
    Airport transfers.
  4. A hotel that suitable for your budget.
  5. All treatment transports.
  6. The interpreter that fluently speaks your language.
  7. Day tours in a city you are staying in to help you see around.
  8. Insurance.
  9. Sim card and internet package.

Hipersia also provides a care plan for your post-medical treatment so you can have an online meeting with your medical team and ask your questions in a short time. So, for more information contact us.


Online medical visa form


2021-05-15 | by Naghmeh Nikoo
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