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Izadkhast, a city of history
Izadkhast, a city of history

We suggest visiting a fantastic historic site between Esfahan and Shiraz. Izadkhvast Castle is one of the Sassanid monuments located in the north of Fars province.

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The Izadkhast Castle is the first historical monument after you arrive in Fars province. The castle was constructed above ground on a Sedimentary rock to close the path of access to the castle. The solo direction to get into the Izadkhvast Castle is on the south side. Most portion of the Izadkhvast Castle has been formed by multi-level houses made out of wood, clay, and brick. Nader Shah Afshar, who was one of the powerful rulers of the Persian empire and also established the Afsharid dynasty, stayed in one of these houses in one day. The important relic of the Izadkhvast Castle is a fire temple that belongs to the Sassanid era. A fire temple is a religious place in which people turned on the fire and gathered to worship god. But this fire temple turned into the mosque after Islam. There is a lot of farm opposite the castle underneath the Sedimentary rock. The Izadkhvast Castle looks like other historic sites such as Arg-e Bam which was registered as a cultural landscape on the UNESCO list.



There is a stunning brick Safavid Caravanserai, where located in the proximity of the farmlands and front of Izadkhast Castle. The caravanserai includes four iwans, four watchtowers, and a stable located behind the chambers. The Izadkhvast Caravanserai was an important accommodation between Shiraz and Esfahan in the past epoch. Unfortunately, on that point is a mass of remembrance on these walls that have been written by passengers! Many travelers visit Izadkhvast Castle and write about it in their books, for example, Jan Dieulafoy traveled here within the Qajar period. If you want to visit the Izadkhvast Castle, It’s not necessary to pay any entrance, but you should make a call with the keeper.






2021-06-01 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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