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Papaei Ski Resort
Papaei Ski Resort

The Papaei Ski Resort is based on the high-altitudes of the Zanjan province and located about 45 kilometers in the south-west of Zanjan.

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The Papaei Ski Resort is the only ski resort in Zanjan province with the total area of 80 hectares and length of 600m. Due to the high-altitudes of the ski resort where lies at the base altitude of 2580m and reaches the maximum altitudes of 3000m from the sea level, the ski slope benefits the long ski-season. In addition, the ski slope with a gentle slope is suitable for amateur skiers. Whether you stay here for a long week or just have a one-day trip, there are plenty of activities to do such as skiing, snow tubing, mountaineering and sightseeing.


The Papaei Ski Resort offers a range of facilities as follows:



The entrance fee of the Papaei Ski Resort is 200,000 IRR (for Sunday and Tuesday) and 250,000 IRR (for Thursday and Friday) excluding ski lift charges. This complex is ready to give services from 12PM to 4PM on Sunday and Tuesday, and from 9AM to 4PM on Thursday and Friday.



The ski gear rental shop is available at the ski resort. So all the ski equipment can be hired in the resort. The ski gear rental is variable, but the average amount is around 550,000 IRR.



The ski instructors are available at the ski school to teach you how to ski. The rate of the ski instructor is variable and it costs you about 350,000 IRR or 400,000 IRR per hour depends on instructor degree.





There is no accommodation to stay at Papaei complex, unless you get one of the hotels or dormitories of the zenjan, where it is located about 45 kilometers in the north of the resort.



The ski season at the Papaei Ski Resort, runs from December until March.



The Papaei Ski Resort is situated about 45 kilometers in the south-west of Zanjan and it takes about 50 minutes. The main access road to the ski resort is Zanjan-Bijar road that passes through the Zarrin Abad into the resort.



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