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Boarding house of Khaneh Doost
Boarding house of Khaneh Doost

Khaneh Doost (friend’s Home) is a boarding house with a native architecture of the South of the historic Suza port on the southern coast the beautiful Qeshm Island.

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The khan Doost boarding house has been transformed into a wildlife resort and is a place for tourists to stay and experience the native environment of a relaxed and memorable environment.

This amazing place is less than 500 steps away from the sea and it is in center Qeshm Island’s attraction like Star Valley, khourbas caves, Naz island and Hengam Island. It's very easy to access the attractions from a friend's home.

Due to the traditional style of the boarding house, the rooms are bed-free, and all the rooms except the winding rooms and the valley of the stars are free of the toilet and indoor bathrooms, and the guests should use the public part that is embedded in the area.


What services are offered by the house?


How long does it take to find tourist attractions by car?


Each room has refrigerator and Air condition*

VIP rooms have an indoor bathroom*




2018-09-01 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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