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Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine
Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine

On the corner of Mahan city, there is a turquoise dome that one of the most famous Iranian poets and mystics buried in this tomb. Shah Nematullah Vali was born in Kohnan, Kerman from 730 to 731 AH.

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Come, my heart and my soul are filled with love for the dervishes.
Come, for the king of the world is a beggar compared with the dervishes.


In the corner of Mahan city, there is a dome of turquoise paints. One of the most famous Iranian poets and mystics buried in this tomb. Shah Nematullah Vali was born in Kohnan, Kerman from 730 to 731 AH. He created a new path in Sufism and influenced followers of another credo. The Nematullah dynasty is the name of this credo which is one of the most famous branches of Sufism in the present era. Shah Nematullah Vali, in one of the years from 832 to 834 AH, dead in Mahan and was buried there. The original structure of this mausoleum was by the king of Deccan, India, named Ahmad Shah Decani, one of the followers of Shah Nematullah Vali and had a specific interest in Persian culture and literature. The original monument of this tomb was only one of the buildings located in a large garden. A rectangular space over which a dome with beautiful and turquoise clinkers is shining. Many developments of this collection occurred during the Qajar period. After the Kerman’s earthquake of 1360, part of the upper part of the dome was destroyed.


Shah Nematullah Walli



The shrine has 3 yards with an area of 32,000 square meters. The shrine of Shah Nematullah Vali with courtyards and porticos around 6000 square meters, it has a spectacular look. This complex has two entry doors, small and large cells, four tiled minarets, two porticos called Modir al-Molki and Shah Abbasi and Four yards called Atabaki, Vakil al-Molki, Mir Damad, Hussainiya.

The mystery of number 11 in the tomb architecture

The tomb's dome divided into 11 equal parts that This is a very unusual subject because domes fundamentally separated into paired parts, and it is very challenging to figure out correctly the same number.


Number 11



The beautiful tile with Persian patterns originally appeared on the west side door of the tomb that Azure colors, turquoise, white and golden used. There is a large Kashkul at the entrance of the shrine, which is a mixture of metals such as copper and brass and Poems in the definition of Ahl al-Bayt and There are "Yahu" and "Ya Ali" on it. People make their vows in the Kashkul. The entrance doors are 5 sets that built in India and they brought to Mahan. Elements of ivory are used in these doors. At the beginning of the door of Shah Vali tomb, there is a valuable inscription that the sign of the devotion of Sultan Ahmad Shah and his son to this mystic. From this section, they referred to as Mohammad Shahi.


Chelleh Khaneh

In the southwest shrine, there is a very short room with a small arch, which says that once upon a time this room is Shah Nimatullah Wali's Chelleh Khaneh. It is considered to be the oldest part of the collection and has a roof of the Sufi hat with 12 cracks.


Chelleh Khaneh


Poems were written about the character of Imam Ali (AS). It usually closed the door of Chelleh Khane; you can ask the curator to open the door for you.


Chelleh Khaneh




The four tiled minarets contain Shia inscriptions. In the upper part of each side of the minaret, the word "Allah" can be seen and the first part “La Ilaha Allah" repeated below it. The word "Ali" has also been written four times as a convoluted pattern. Repeating this method in all around octagonal aspect has a striking effect.





The caravanserai is located next to the western side, which is related to the Qajar era and is now half-ruined.


Museum of Shah Nematullah Wali

In the lower part of the entrance corridor is a museum in which valuable objects associated with the culture of Sufism. The museum's building is known as the Amirieh mansion or door and is used to build gypsum and brick. Among the works of this museum are the following:


Kashkuls adorned with roles: These works are the most prominent sign of Dervishes. These are small dishes that the dervishes and Sufis took on them and hang on the shoulder with a chain.




Axes carved: The little axes carried the dervishes.

Pateh needlework: One of the most beautiful and most valuable of them is Pat that has covered the grave of Shah Nematullah Wali.

Quran pages: The two pages of a Qur'an written in the Kufic script and its writing style show its dating over eight hundred years.


Other tombs:

On the southwest side of the entrance hall and in the courtyard of the Vakil al-Molki, there is the tomb of Hasan Ali Khan Garroosy. He was a famous person in the Qajar era and was also known for politics, and was a valuable artist particularly in calligraphy.


What is the best time to go?

We suggest that you go to the shrine of Shah Nematollah in the days of Sesen (late March to early May, mid-September and mid-December). If you want to see a beautiful view of Shah Nematullah, it is better to go to sunset time.


Getting there?

You have to get to the Kerman province by public transport like a plane, bus or car, then go to Mahan. The shrine of Shah Nematullah Wali is located next to Shah Nematullah Park.

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