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Tomb of Hafez
Tomb of Hafez

Tomb of Hafez or Hafeziah is a tombstone complex in the north of Shiraz, which Khwāja Shams-ud-Dīn Muḥammad Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī, Hafez Shirazi is buried there. The total area of the complex is about two hectares and consists of northern Sahn (courtyard in Persian architecture) and southern Sahn.

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We want to go to Shiraz, a city that has a valuable heritage of history, culture, literature, and art. Just walk in the streets in the spring and enjoy the fragrance of the orange blossom, and create a dream paradise for you. Tomb of Hafez is located in the north of Shiraz and it is one of the most visited places in the city, which hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. The total area of Hafez's Tomb is about 2 hectares and consists of northern Sahn (courtyard in Persian architecture) and southern Sahn that are separated from each other by a chamber. This complex has 4 entrance doors with a main door on the south side, two doors on the west side and one door on the northeast side.

Tomb of Hafez

From the mystical point of view, the southern part of this complex is a symbol of the material world. As we get closer to the tomb, we will be free from the sensual instincts and when we step into the porch, we will reach the divine ascension.

The northern part of the tomb is the symbol of heaven’s kingdom. This section has eight entrances, and the tomb has eight stone columns, which remained unchanged from the Mozaffarian era. The number eight is actually the symbol of the eighth century, which Hafiz lived in that century, and can be considered as the symbol of the eight doors of paradise.

Tomb of Hafez

Hafiz’s grave is located at a height of one meter from the ground and surrounded by five rows of circular stairs. At the top of this tomb, a copper dome with the shape of Dervish hat was designed on eight columns, with a height of 10 meters.

In the photo below, a tiled mosaic on the ceiling of the tomb dome can be seen in the design of Islamic geometric nodes.

Tomb of Hafez


The designer of the tomb of Hafez is the French architect Andre Godard. André Godard was an archaeologist, architect, and Orientalism that served as the director of the Iranian Archeological Service for 32 years during Reza Shah's reign and do great services to Iranian art and culture. He managed to collect and restore many historical monuments from different regions and made a list of ancient monuments during he managed the Iranian archaeological department. The tomb of Hafez rebuilt under orders of Reza Shah in 1938. A beautiful Sour orange garden and two rectangular ponds built in the south of the tomb.

André Godard

The original design of the tomb of Hafez dates back to 856 AH. About 65 years after the death of Hafez, Shamseddin Mohammad Yaghmaei, the Minister of Mirza Abolqasem Gurkani, the ruler of Fars built a dome-shaped over the grave of Hafez and built a large pond in front of the tomb.


The entrance fee to the tomb of Hafez is about 200.000 IRR for foreign visitors.

 Tomb of Hafez

Tomb of Hafez





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