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Niasar village
Niasar village

The ancient and historic village of Niasar is one of the village of Kashan. Except for beautiful nature, there are the old buildings of distant times.

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Niasar was an ancient village in the past, which mentioned in the phenomena of the 6th and 7th centuries. The name of this city is a term belonging to ancient Persian, meaning shadow and cold, so it is a great name given to the weather in this village.




Among the ancient works of this area as follows:

Niasar Chahartaq, Niasar Waterfall, Bath Safavid, Niasar cave (Surakh Rais), Niasar's old plane trees, and the mosque. 

Niasar Chahartaq

This ancient monument remains from the late Parthian era or early Sassanid era and is one of the oldest and healthiest of Iran's Chahartaq. this Chahartaq also was known as the Sassanian Fire Temple in Niasar, near the Alexandria Springs. Researchers are likely to find applications for this "quadrangle" of various uses, such as the sign of pathfinding, memorial building, fireworks, and the Tomb of the Elders.




Niasar Fountain and Waterfall

There is an old spring in Niasar, which is known as the Alexandria Springs and has clear water and very cold. In fact, all of the history and the life of this ancient village owes to the existence of this spring. Niasar Waterfall, one of the most famous attractions of Niasar, originates from this historic spring. Niasar waterfall has the lowest water in the autumn and has the highest water content in the spring.




Niasar cave

The Niasar Cave is one of the artificial caves created by man and used in the past to carry out certain religious practices. Researchers know the cave dates back to early Parthians. The cave has three floors and tunnels, tall corridors, and numerous wells. The cave is so tight and curved that it is not advisable to go through the entire path without a guide.




Bath and historic mill

The bath dates back to the Safavid era. The architecture of this bathroom and how to transfer water into the bath is so exciting and significant. The water from Niasar's waterfall was led into an octagon and then into the bath and then transferred to the total bathroom. The watermill also circulated through the water of the fall. The watermill was used to grind wheat and barley. The architecture of the mill is similar to the bathroom, and it probably belongs to the same age.


In Niasar, Damask rose to grow sooner than other areas due to the location of geography, even Kashan. Festival of Rose and Rose Water held from mid-May to mid-June.




The best time to visit this ancient village is the time of festival of Rose water. You can visit the roses at this time and buy fresh Rose water souvenirs at this time.


The distance between the Niasar village and the Kashan city is 36 km. You are about 35 minutes away by car. You can access Niasar from the Persian Gulf freeway and then the Persian Gulf Blvd.

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