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Tomb of Saadi
Tomb of Saadi

Tomb of Saadi is a lovely combination of Persian architecture and literature. You will face one of the most beautiful attractions of Shiraz.

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Saadi is one of the famous Persian poets who was born in Shiraz, the center of Fars province, Iran. Saadi died in 690 AH in Shiraz so his tomb was made in Shiraz. He is recognized not only for the quality of his writing, but also for the depth of his social thought. Gulistan, and Bustan are the two Worthy Effects of Saddi which including Ghazal, a kind of poem form in Iranian literature.

There are many graves belong to religious people who have been buried there according to their willing. Shoorideh Shirazi is one of the famous poets in Safavid dynasty whose tomb is joined to Tomb of Saadi by a roofed corridor with some columns around.

This place was a Khanqah (a special place to gathering Sufi brotherhood or tariqa and for spiritual retreat and character reformation) where Saadi spends a late period of his life and after his death was buried there.

tomb of saadi


tomb of saadi




Tomb of Saadi is located 4 km Northeast of Shiraz, Boostan Boulevard, next to Delgosha Garden.

You can reach there via public transportation such as bus and a taxi. If you use bus, you can get on the lines from Shahid Dastghaib terminal to Narenjestan Boulevard and Narenjestan Boulevard to Namazi terminal.

2019-03-02 | by Niloofar Gerami
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