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Bushehr tour
Bushehr tour

2 days, Old city of persian gulf

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Visit one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the south of Iran. Take a boat tour through the Persian Gulf, visit the Museum of Anthropology and Maritime Museum of the sea and the Persian Gulf. Savor local cuisines like Gheymeh and traditional local seafood made of fish and shrimp.
Visit one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the south of Iran. It has a semi-desert and warm climate. Bushehr, due to factors such as fishing, nuclear power plant, shipbuilding, and export, has been an economic boom. Take a boat tour and Persian Gulf Sightseeing. Visit Museum of Anthropology and Maritime Museum of the sea and the Persian Gulf. Bushehr's local cuisines are Gheymeh and special traditional and local seafood made of fish, shrimp, etc.


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Travel style: Yolo

Hiking, trekking, biking, rafting, and kayaking adventures all over the world, made for outdoor types.

Service level: Basic

Simple and clean hotels and hostels; affordable public and private transport; lots of optional activities 

Physical rating: Light

Light walking, and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.




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6 reasons to travel to Bushehr:

  1. There are nine hot water springs in this province
  2. So many historical and natural attractions like Bandar Siraf and Mond protected area (Dear habitat and Avicennia marina)
  3. Bushehr’s souvenir: Tahini and Boraz-Jan’s date
  4. The special architecture of Bushehr is different from all the other cities
  5. Jashak salt dome which has been listed as a natural heritage of Iran
  6. The natural park of Nayband, the first marine park in Iran



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2021-05-17 | by Niloofar Gerami
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