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Noghl is a kind of sweet pastry that is very popular in Iran. This lovely little sweet is a souvenir of some of Iran's cities. These sweet is also a unique pastry for the Iranian special ceremony.

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Noghl is a little white sweet that the Iranians eat along with tea. Noghl had a special place among Iranians in the past. The Iranians use Noghl in their ceremony.

For example, Iranians pour Noghl on the bride and groom or put it in a Sofreh Aghd (marriage tablecloth) as sweet. Sofreh Aghd (marriage tablecloth) is a tablecloth that the bride and groom sit around it before the wedding and after the ritual, they announce them as husband and wife (Of course, you should know that in ancient Iranian culture spread the tablecloth on the floor.).




Noghl is one of the most popular souvenirs in Urmia. To cook Noghl in the traditional method, first heat the sugar to melt and then add the nuts. Finally, add the essence and taste. Common flavors in Urmia are Bidmeshk (is one of the native plants of Urmia.), Cinnamon, Vanilla, Saffron and various fruit essences. Noghl of Urmia is Supplied in various tastes, including Noghl Bidmeshk, Saffron and Damask rose (It has good perfume and Iranians use yogurt, dough, and many other foods as a perfume and flavoring essence.). The sizes of this pastry are different.  




It should be noted that the Noghl of Yazd is also very famous. Yazd people use some items such as powdered cardamom, almonds and, pistachios in Noghl.

In the ancient days, people made the Noghl manually, which was difficult work, but today they are made by special machines.

The best shop of Noghl is Noghl and Halva Fafa in Urmia that is located on Modares Street. The best pastry shop of Yazd is Haj Khalifeh, which is very famous. Of course, you must know that Haj Khalifeh is closed on Thursdays and Fridays.




2019-05-19 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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