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Ash-e doogh
Ash-e doogh

The Ash-e doogh is one of the traditional Iranian cuisines. This food is watery like soup. It is mostly eaten in cold days.

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Ash-e doogh is one of the traditional dishes of the Ardabil city and the Azerbaijan region. Also, cook it in some provinces such as Kurdistan and Kermanshah - Isfahan - Kashan, Fars province, Hamedan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and, Qazvin.

It cooks with a legume such as peas and beans, vegetables, chives, and mountain vegetable. Eventually, the dough is used to add flavor it. The Ash-e doogh is only made with local doogh or pasteurized doogh. Experience in making this food is one of the most important factors.

Ash and soup are very similar, the only difference is their concentration. It can be said that the soup is more concentrated.

It often serves in cold winter days. It is interesting to know that many cities and villages in Iran have their own recipe of Ash-e Doogh. Example Gildeh Ash-e Dough in Gardaneh Heyran or Gardaneh Gaduk on the Firuzkuh road.


Ash-e doogh


If you want to eat Ardabil’s local Ash in Tehran, it is best to go to the Nikoo Sefat Ash Restaurant in south Jamalzadeh. You can try other types of Ash in this restaurant, except as Ash-e doogh.

Shah Abbas restaurant, located in Ardabil, serves one of the most delicious Ash-e doogh of Ardabil. This restaurant also has a very traditional environment and is one of the historical monuments.

If you want to eat the best Ash-e doogh, you can go to local houses or villages except for famous restaurants.

2019-06-19 | by Naghmeh Nikoo
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