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To follow in the footsteps ground Jay
To follow in the footsteps ground Jay

7 days, footsteps ground Jay

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Tehran is your gateway to this 7-day adventure. You will head out across the wilderness of the central Iran's desert and the plains of the majestic Touran National Park in search of rare species of birds and mammals like Persian Onager and Asiatic cheetah. Our tour will ferry you through the incredible scenery of Ghale Bala Village and Reza Abad safely and in good spirits. Accommodation will keep you close to the action.



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Travel style: Active 

Hiking, trekking, biking, rafting, and kayaking adventures all over the world, made for outdoor types


Service level: Standard 

Comfortable tourist-class accommodations with character; mix of public and private transport


Physical rating: Easy  

Light walking, few climbs more challenging than a flight of stairs. Easy does it



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2019-04-14 | by HiPersia Executive unit
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