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Baghali Polo
Baghali Polo

Baghali Polo is a delicious combination of rice, Fava beans, and dill, flavored with saffron and cinnamon. It is usually served with shank and chicken.

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In Persian cooking, when we mix rice with some ingredients like Green bean, carrot, Fava beans, meat, etc., it is called Polo. Baghali Polo is one of the best Persian cuisines, served in different ceremonies. This kind of rice is served with a shank or white meat like fried chicken.To give a yummy taste to Baghali Polo, you can flavor it with saffron and cinnamon. Spring is the best time to eat Baghali Polo because, during this season, Fava beans are still fresh in their pods.

 Baghali polo

To test Baghali Polo, you have to know about its Ingredients. The ingredients which you may need are as follows: Rice, Fava beans, dill (fresh or dried), shank or chicken, chopped onion, garlic, turmeric, butter, salt, and saffron.


 baghali polo

2019-12-30 | by Niloofar Gerami
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