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Shahr-e Kord tour
Shahr-e Kord tour

2 days, Fritillaria imperialis

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The Shahr-e kord is the capital city of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran. It is the largest city in the province and is 90 Km away from Iran's third-largest city, Isfahan. It is known for its natural environment, cold winters, waterfalls, and rivers.

The Shahr-e Kord is one of the important tourist hubs in Iran. Visit the scenic and picturesque landscapes, stunning scenery, fascinating history, mouth-watering food, mountains, cities, villages, and – most importantly – the amazing people who will help you appreciate it. Due to the beautiful nature and dazzling historical monuments, it becomes a pleasant destination for travelers. You can visit the Sheykh Ali Khan waterfall, Kouhrang Tunnel and Dimeh Spring, Shir Sangi Statue, Zaman Khan Bridge, Chaleshtor Castle, dine with local people in Siah Chador (special tent) and enjoy an excursion to the Plain of Fritillaria imperialis.



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Travel style: Yolo

Hiking, trekking, biking, rafting, and kayaking adventures all over the world, made for outdoor types.

Service level: Basic

Simple and clean hotels and hostels; affordable public and private transport; lots of optional activities 

Physical rating: Light

Light walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.




What's Included



Shahr-e Kord






7 Reasons to travel to Shahr-e Kord:

  1. Explore the Koohrang region and know more about The Bakhtiari Nomads (one of the Iranian tribes).
  2. Visit the Stepped village of Sar-e Aqa Seyyed which is titled Masuleh of Zagros.
  3. Explore the Tang-e-Sayad National Park with more than 250 various plant species.
  4. Explore the Cheghakhor wetland (located 60 Km from Shahr-e Kord) with A variety of native and migratory birds.
  5. The plain of Reversed tulips in the Koohrang region, which is one of the National Iranian heritages.
  6. Rafting in the Armand River.
  7. Visit the Ice Cave.



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2021-05-08 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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Good evening, is it still possible to go with you on a trip to Shahr e Kord? We would like to go there tomorrow, but have to be back de 7th at 12.30 PM.?
Hope to hear from you,
Kind regards Annemieke and Ellen
Hipersia replied 2019/09/05
Dear Annemieke Hi Please check your mailbox for our offers.
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