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1-Day Tehran tour
1-Day Tehran tour
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Included in the 1-day Tehran tour is excursions to the grand bazaar of Tehran, visiting the Imam Mosque (the Soltāni Mosque meaning "royal"), Sabzeh Medan, Golestan Palace (the former royal Qajar complex), Iran Bastan Museum (National Museum of Iran) and Abgineh Museum of Tehran.





Tehran tour




Full city tour including the famous places: Bazaar, Imam Mosque, Sabzeh meydan, Golestan palace, Iran Bastan Museum and Abgineh museum.


Catering and accommodation can also be arranged:

1meal included by HiPersia: 1 breakfast
1meal included by the passengers: 1 Lunch
The number of snacks: 1 by HiPersia


Other services available:


Make it a private tour

Book this tour as a private departure, with your own tour guide and all the benefits of a HiPersia group tour for any group, big or small even just one traveller (any day you want).

By booking or participating in a tour and any related products or services with HiPersia Inc. you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by Hipersia Terms and conditions.

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