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Tochal Ski Resort
Tochal Ski Resort

The Tochal Ski Resort is located five kilometers in north of Tehran and it is the nearest ski resort to the city, which is always available to ski lovers.

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Whether you have just one day or a long weekend, there are plenty of places to ski around Tehran. Tochal is the name of a summit, on the Alborz mountain range at an elevation of 3964 m. The southern hillside of the Tochal mount is adjacent to Tehran and overlooks the city. Many ski enthusiasts and climbers always wished to be able to exercise in the closest heights around Tehran by seeing the beautiful Tochal mount in winter, until the Tochal Telecabin (gondola lift) was established in 1977 and their wishes come true. So, this complex gave the opportunity to ski anytime, just five kilometers from Tajrish Square. 




The Tochal Ski Resort has three separate slopes as follows:


This slope starts from the bottom of the Tochal summit at the elevation of 3850 m and ends in the hotel at the elevation of 3550 m. The slope length is 1200 m which is equipped with a ski lift and a chair lift. Considering the elevation of the ski slope, it is the first slopes in the country that is covered with snow and can be used more than eight months a year.

This slope is located on the west side of the Tochal mount with the length of 900 m. The highest elevation of the slope is 3750 m while the lowest point located at the elevation of 3550 m. This slope is fitted with a chair lift.

The length of the ski slope is 5500 m which starts at the altitude of 3750 m and ends at the 5th station, located at an altitude of 2940 m.



The Tochal Telecabin is the only way to reach the ski resort, where it is located at the end of the Velenjak Street. The Tochal Telecabin has four stations and three routes which are connected together and it is one of the longest gondola lift route in the world with the length of 7500 m. It takes about 50 minutes to reach the resort from the first station to the last station.



The main details of the gondola lift routes are as follows:

Line Origin (Elevation) Destination (elevation) Distance (between stations) Duration (minutes)

station 1
(1900 m)

station 2
(2480 m)

1500 m 6’: 15”

station 2
(2480 m)

 station 5
(2910 m) 

2985 m 12’: 26”

station 5
(2910 m)

station 7
(3680 m)

2935 m  12’: 14”


The resort’s facilities include:


The ski passes are sold at this station 1 and the entrance fee of the Tochal Ski Resort is 700,000 IRR from Saturday to Wednesday (except official holidays) and 750,000 IRR for Thursday and Friday. The duration of using the ski resort for one day is from morning to afternoon (8AM to 6PM).



If you don’t have any ski gear, there are two rental shops at the ski resort and station 1. We recommend you to rent ski equipment at station 1, because there is a very limited equipment available at the ski resort. You can rent them between the rate of 150,000 IRR to 700,000 IRR.  


The ski instructors are available at the ski schools to teach you how to ski. The rate of the ski instructor is variable and it costs you from 350,000 IRR to 450,000 IRR per hour, depends on the instructor grade.


The Tochal Hotel, is the only hotel at the ski resort that available to serve the skiers for seven to eight months per year while the slopes are covered with snow. The Tochal Hotel is the highest mountain hotel in the world from the sea level where it is located at the station 7 and overlooks the slope. The hotel facilities include: 30 accommodation units which consist of 6 rooms with single beds, 11 rooms with two single beds, 8 rooms with twin beds, 4 suites and 1 VIP suite, a luxurious restaurant and a lobby which overlooks the slope. By booking a room at the Tochal Hotel, your return gondola journey and two days skiing at the slope are covered.



Click here to find out more info about Tochal Hotel


The ski season at the Tochal Ski Resort, runs from mid-November until May. The ski resort opens to the public all the days of the week except Sundays at the ski time.


The Tochal Telecabin, is the only way to access the ski resort. You can use the Chamran Highway and then follow the Velenjak Street up to Bame Tehran entrance. A parking lot is available at the entrance of the Bame Tehran. There are many green-colored buses that take passengers from the beginning of the Bame Tehran up to station 1. It takes about 50 minutes from Station 1 to Station 7.



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