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Ray; The city of ancient fortresses
Ray; The city of ancient fortresses
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A Day in the City of Ray


Ray is one of the ancient and historic cities of Iran and located 26 kilometers in south of Tehran, which has many historical and natural attractions. The old fire temples, the ancient hills, the old castles and holy shrines have made Ray one of the hubs of tourism out of Tehran.



Included in the full day Tehran tour is an excursion to Tughrul Bey Mausoleum, Cheshmeh-Ali Spring, Shrine of Bibi Shahrbanu.

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Ray, located in the southern suburbs of outer Tehran is the earliest settlement of the area. The first human traces dates back as far as Neolithic items. The city was the capital city for a while during the Parthian Empire and was renamed as Rhages. Ray became the capital of the Seljuk Empire in the 11th century. Ray is richer than many other ancient cities in the number of its historical monuments, among which one might refer to the 3000 years old Gebri Castle the 5000 years old Cheshmeh-Ali hill, the 1000 years old Bibi Shahrbanu tomb and Shah Abbasi Caravanserai. Following an hour drive from Tehran we arrive to the city center and then tour the historical sites. Shrine of Shah Abdul Azim, Tughrul Bey's Mausoleum, Cheshmeh Ali Spring, Medieval Islamic City Walls, Tower of Silence remains, Shrine of Bibi Shahrbanu, are homes that we visit during the tour.

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