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Feedback & Reviews
Feedback & Reviews

Here, you can see what our clients say about us and benefit from their travel experiences with Hipersia.

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What our clients say about us!

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(November 22, 2018)

Victoria, Australia

I needed three visas for my husband's family. One was issued less than one day, and two other ones were issued just in one day. Ms Sayyah who was in charge of my work was such a conscientious lady. She was so considerate about my...Read more on TripAdvisor.


(November 18, 2018 on Google)

Soroush Souzanchi


we booked Tunisia Tour with Hipersia travel agency. They were great and totally understand customer service and long term reputation. Highly recommended.


(November 17, 2018 on Google)

Zahra Nasiri


Firstly, Lily is an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would seriously recommend Hipersia travel agency. Food, host and tour program setting was good.


(November 16, 2018 on Google)

Giovanni Ungaro

Beautiful Travel - PERFECT Organization!!! HIPERSIA staff exceeded our expectations. Selected guides good, excellent travel and hotel to stay in the cities visited really good. Reliable and available!


(November 14, 2018 on Google)

Bahare Chehraghi


Have you ever experienced dreamy travel? I had twice with Hipersia tour. Everything was perfect and all of us felt nice at the end of the trip. Choose Hipersia and have comfortable travel.


(November 13, 2018 on Google)

zahra aghazamani


Traveling with Hipersia was perfect. Try Hipersia professional team. Hipersia change your mind about nature trip.


(November 13, 2018 on Google)

HP. Nikoo

Sales staff paid attention to all queries and they are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Trip to Nepal, Cuba, Tunisia, Serbia, Kashmir, Brazil, Vietnam and … background make you sure for choosing right agency. These are unique country with a lot of details. Choose the best one to make your trip memorable.


(November 12, 2018 on Google)

Sajad Harati




(November 12, 2018 on Google)

Shayeste Ghanbari

Hipersia Travel was a very pleasant surprise in terms of professionalism. The guides were pleasant, with very good language skills, knowledge of history, and did their utmost to make sure you would have a great time. I recommend Hipersia travel everywhere and every time.


(November 11, 2018 on Google)

Shima Teymouri


I really feel free during my trip. When you choose professional team like Hipersia, be relax and enjoy. Perfect experience with Hopersia tour. I recommend you for trip around Iran specially nature of Iran.


(November 5, 2018 on Google)

Kiarash Nozad

The vacation was wonderful and I cannot say thank you enough!! It was the Perfect for me. Thanks Hipersia to make our travel great as much as we think. We want to try your classic tour around Iran such as Isfahan and Yazd and …. We cannot wait to plan our next visit with you.


Great Service! (November 4, 2018)

Frankfurt, Germany

We were a group with 5 persons and booked a tour consisting of visits to Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazdh (including surroundings and desert). Our tour leaders in each city had a vast knowledge of various sight-seeings and could deliver information in a intrigiung and compeling way...Read more on TripAdvisor.


(November 4, 2018 on Google)

Alexander Hornbacher

We were a group with 5 persons and booked a tour consisting of visits to Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazdh (including surroundings and desert). Our tour leaders in each city had a vast knowledge of various sight-seeings and could deliver information in a intrigiung and compeling way. We were able to visit fascinating places; from Naqshejahan in Isfahan, over Presepolis in Shiraz to the 4000 years old ancient city Kharanaq in Yazdh.


(October 25, 2018 on Google)

golnaz atabay


Few things command more respect than hard work, integrity, dedication and the ability to follow through. These are attributes we experienced from start to finish when organizing our trip with this travel agent.


(October 16, 2018 on Google)

Robin Geys


Very nice people, very helpful. Much recommend


(October 6, 2018 on Google)

erfan shahebrahimi


A good and active agency in the Web site and content


(September 18, 2018 on Google)

Anna Gray


Sorted all our bus tickets, little difficult to find initially but only cause our knowledge of Farsi numbers was poor! Thanks heaps


(September 2, 2018 on Google)

mohammad salmani




Great Service! (August 16, 2018)

Tokyo, Japan

My friend and I just finished a trip in Iran (Tehran - Kashan - Isfahan - Shraiz) last week. HiPersia helped us with ticket reservation of bus and train. From about 1 month before the trip, I started to communicate with them by email, they...Read more on TripAdvisor.


Nice adventure (August 13, 2018)

Beijing, China

Hoping everything is going well with you.
Now I have returned to Tokyo safely and thanks so much for all kind help from you and your agency, we had a such great time in Iran and will never forget.


Great services (August 8, 2018)

Mohammad Timol
Pretoria, South Africa

We left Shiraz on time for Doha. The guide/ driver fetched us at 3am from the hotel. Long queue at the airport for screening of luggage and check in We had a wonderful and memorable two weeks in  Iran. A special thanks to you and Hi Persia for the professional service and travel plan. I will promote Hi Persia to family and friends to consider visiting beautiful Iran and meeting it's people during the months when it is not very hot. It was our pleasure to meet you and Mr Rantin and I hope we will keep in contact Till we meet again best wishes to you. Warm greetings.


(August 5, 2018 on Google)

Qiuwan Chen


Highly recommend! Just had a great experience in Iran last week. Thank for the kindly help from HiPersia.


We had a fantastic experience (July 30, 2018 on TripAdvisor)

Paris, France

We booked a tour with both french and iranian national
(all friends and family) to visit Iran. The agency was really helpful,
many advices about what to visit and where to stay while being
extremly flexible to match our needs. We visited shiraz,
isfahan and...
Read more on TripAdvisor.


Amazing experience (June 27, 2018 on TripAdvisor)

Tehran, Iran

We had a trip with HiPersia to Shiraz. The team members were extremely helpful in accommodating our requests in terms of hotel, historical places to visit and timing of the trip based on our preferences. The tour leader was very knowledgeable. 


(July 12, 2018 on Google)

Amir Sarvalishahi


I recommend hipersia for you your family and your friends. They are the best in Iran good prices and comfort.


(July 11, 2018 on Google)


I suggest Hipersia for traveling around Iran with perfect services and the best organization. reasonable price is another reason. try Hipersia.


(July 9, 2018 on Google)




HiPersia also for business trips: Professional, fast, competitive - and kind! (May 31, 2018 on TripAdvisor)


Canton of Basel, Switzerland

For many months now I habe known the HiPersia Team, based in central Tehran. Be it a 2-week private driver, a pick-up from IKA or back to IKA from a hotel, a last-minute bus drive to Isfahan or a bus round trip (Isfahan-Kashan-TEH), the team...Read more on TripAdvisor.


Joyful trip in Iran with Hipersia! (May 29, 2018 on TripAdvisor)


Vienna, Austria

I have organized a botanical excursion in Iran for the Austrian and
German botanists collaborating with HiPersia. It was an excellent experience and all clients were satisfied.


Unkompliziert und günstig (May 28, 2018 on TripAdvisor)



Ich habe über HiPersia nur Bustickets bestellt. Das funktioniert völlig unkompliziert per E-Mail. Bezahlt wird auf Vertrauensbasis vor Ort in...Read more on TripAdvisor.


Circuit en Iran (April 29, 2018 on TripAdvisor)


Thierry M

Nous avons fait un circuit de deux semaines en Iran (Téhéran - Ispahan - Shiraz - Kerman - Yazd -...Read more on TripAdvisor.


Traveling with Hipersia (February 6, 2018 on TripAdvisor)

karim s

I’ve been traveling with Hipersia for more than 2 years. During these years I traveled to the most famous and popular attractions of Iran. Hyrcanian forest Trekking. Staying in desert local Homestays. Swimming in persian gulf islands. Discovering amazing landscapes of Kurdish region of Iran...Read more on TripAdvisor.


Ramtin is Calm and Honest (January 3, 2018 on TripAdvisor)

ali s
Tehran, Iran

Before founding Hipersia, Ramtin was a tour guide. he is one of the best and honest guides that I've ever seen. He was our tour guide in more than 5 trips. I never forget "Kurdistan", "Ilam", "Shiraz", "Maranjab desert" & "Kashan" that I've seen with...Read more on TripAdvisor.


well done HiPersia (December 30, 2017 on TripAdvisor)

Mohsen F

that was awesome experience. everything was scheduled as they said like accommodations, transportation and... so on.









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Feedback & Reviews
Here, you can see what our clients say about us and benefit from their travel experiences with Hipersia.
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