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Kharanaq Minaret
Kharanaq Minaret

Visiting old buildings and beautiful landscapes of Iran can have an exciting experience and stories. Seeing the dotted point of Iran introduces us to the history and cultures of each city.

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In the central parts of Iran, many cities and villages are formed with the culture and climate of the desert. In addition to the picturesque landscape of the desert, many ancient monuments pose the stunning Iranian architecture. In each corner of the country, many settlements can be find that become a safe haven for their inhabitants.



The Kharanaq Village, the birthplace of the sun


In the middle of the desert, where you think everything ends only in the sand dunes, you encounter a mountainous region that holds a historic village in its hug. An incomparable example of the mud-brick village that attracts many tourists from all over the world with its 4500-year-old history. The Kharanaq in literature means, the birthplace of the sun. Where two new and old parts are included and each one has its own attractions. In the new section of the village, the flow of life waves and drowns you in the sweetness and simplicity of spending time in the countryside. In the old part, or the fortress of the kharanaq, although the sound of the human foot and the hum of people do not wrap, the history of the village, calls you into one of the great mud-brick structures of Iran. A village that was hosted by the peoples of the village until recently, has become an eye-catching abandoned landmark due to erosion about 30 years ago. The attractions of Kharanaq are more than one or two, and each of one has a lot of value for this region. These sights include: Kharanaq Castle, bath, Caravanserai, bridge, Jameh Mosque, Baba Khadem Shrine and shaking minaret of Kharanaq.



Kharanaq Minaret


The shaking minaret of Kharanaq with its extraordinary architectural design, which moves with force hand, is one of the most spectacular minarets in the world, with no tile visible on it, and its entire mud-brick structure. This minaret was built in Seljuq dynasty, but the primary structure dates back to the Sasanian Empire.

The Kharanaq Minaret has 3 floors and located on the northern side of the mosque of Kharanaq, which is older than the mosque. It has two distinct staircases to go up and down in which the width of the stairs in the lower part is 60 to 70 cm and reaches 40 to 50 cm above it.

It is interesting to note that the movement of this minaret is clearly visible. The Kharanaq Minaret, which is the highest building in the area, was used as a lighthouse and a watch tower. This minaret is 15 meters high from the roof of the mosque, which can be watched from different parts of the region.



Why does the minaret shake?

The use of bricks with special characteristics, which has a higher elasticity than the bricks used in other parts, it results in the minaret shaking. Almost all of the minarets have this property, but the shorter height of this minaret causes the lateral movement.



Due to the dry climate of the region, the best time to have an excursion to the Kharanaq Village is from November to June. But, you can travel to there and enjoy the natural beauty in every month of the year.

Fall & Winter: In cold seasons, a lot of temperature falls in the area, but it is habitable if you have enough warm clothing.

If you travel to Yazd in the summer and get tired of the heat of this city, take a trip to Kharanaq. The climate of Kharanagh village is cooler than the city of Yazd. By going to this village in addition to seeing the beautiful monuments, you enjoy the cool weather of this village.



The Kharanaq Village is located in the center of Kharanaq district in Ardakan city and 85 km from Yazd. This village is located in the northern of Yazd and in order to get there, you must go towards Ardakan. By entering to the Ardakan-Tabas Road, after driving about 50 kilometers, you can reach there.



2018-10-28 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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