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Iran, The heaven of skiers
Iran, The heaven of skiers

Over a third of Iran has spread to mountainous areas. The existence of two mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros inside the country, provide an opportunity to ski in many days of the year.

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Skiing is an integral part of the winter. Many people are eager to get their plane tickets to the destinations where ski conditions are available for having a winter holiday and experience some winter sports in mountainous areas. In addition to the ski tracks of Switzerland, Italy and… we see that many foreign ski enthusiasts are attracted to the ski resorts of Iran and are eager to travel there. Whether you have just a day, evening or a long weekend, you will find plenty of great places to ski in Iran.

Iran Skiing

But, why have the Iran ski resorts appealed to foreign skiers? Come along with us to read some of the important points about ski resorts in Iran.


 3 reasons for skiing in ski resorts of Iran 





 Iran ski season 


The Iran ski resorts generally run from early December until late May. So, during your winter holiday, travel to Iran and hit the slopes.


 Where do foreign skiers stay? 


Tehran and the surrounding areas are the favorite destinations for foreign skiers. There are only so many hotels in the vicinity of Dizin and Shemshak ski resorts, that are cost-effective for skiers. A number of chalets and villas can be found too.

 Iran skiing



Some of the best ski resorts of Iran: 


Tochal Ski Resort: The highest ski resort in Iran


Iran Skiing-Tochal Ski Resort
Tochal Ski Resort


The Tochal Ski Resort is the closest ski resort to Tehran, which has three separate slopes. The 7th Station Ski Slope (Peak), starts from the bottom of the Tochal summit at the elevation of 3850 m and ends in the hotel at the elevation of 3550 m. This family-friendly ski resort is considered as the first slopes in the country that is covered with snow and can be used more than eight months a year if the precipitation of the area is suitable.


 Some of the advantages of Tochal Ski Resort:



Dizin Ski Resort: Beautiful in White


Iran skiing-Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort


The Dizin Ski Resort is one of the largest and well-equipped ski resort in Iran. This ski resort is located in Alborz Province, 120 kilometers in the north of Tehran and 70 kilometers from Karaj. The lowest elevation of the resort is 2650m (8,694 ft.) while its highest elevation is 3600m (11,811 ft.) and that’s why the ski resort has an amazing powdery snow on it. The length of the ski slope is 7.5 kilometers.


 Some of the advantages of Dizin Ski Resort:



Shemshak Ski Resort: The second-largest ski resort in Iran


Iran skiing-Shemshak Ski Resort
Shemshak Ski Resort


The Shemshak Ski Resort is located at 57 km in the northeast of Tehran in the village of Shemshak. The Shemshak ski track is located at an altitude of 2550m to 3050m above sea level. This ski resort, which is the second-largest ski resort in Iran after the Dizin Ski Resort, is mostly used by more advanced skiers because of its steep slopes and mogul runs and also you will meet the best Iranian skiers at the ski resort.


 Some of the advantages of Shemshak Ski Resort:



Other Iran Ski Resorts: From Ardabil to Shiraz


Iran skiing
See more ski resort


Tehran, it’s not the only destination for skiers. From north to south of Iran, there are a number of ski resorts. The Alvares Ski Resort is one of them that is located in Ardabil Province. This ski resort is a heaven for those who desire to ski in the countryside of Ardabil and enjoy the beauty of surrounding areas simultaneously.

The Pooladkaf Ski Resort is one of the stunning attractions of the Fars province, especially in winter. This ski resort is known as the southernmost ski resort of the Northern Hemisphere.

Iran skiing


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