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Qottab is a kind of Iranian pastry which known as traditional pastry of Yazd and Kerman province.

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Qottab is one of the traditional Persian pastry which its baking history dated back to the Achaemenid Empire.


Qottab of Yazd is more well-known than Kerman. This yummy Qottab contains two types, tradition and honey Qottab. Tradition Qottab includes a two-part, outer layer and inner part. The outer layer is a fried bread made of wheat flour, milk, and yolk. The bread will be trundled in sugar powder after baking. The inner part of this delicious pastry is made of almond, sugar powder, and cardamom. In the recipe of honey Qottab the sweetener is honey instead of sugar powder.




This kind of Qottab includes two types, walnut and pistachio. The outer layer is made of dough which decorated with sugar powder. The inner part is made of pistachio and grinded sugar or walnut and grinded sugar.


You can try the best taste of Qottab in Reza pastry store. This store is placed on Azadi Square, Bahmanyar Street, Kerman.

2019-05-01 | by Niloofar Gerami
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